Top 5 SEO Tools You Should Be Using

How do you keep track of backlinks, PageRank, and other important SEO metrics? If you do not have an answer to this question, then it is about time that you start using SEO tools. There are quite a few resources available to help ensure your website is fully optimized.

From free SEO diagnostic tools to website builders, examine the top 5 SEO tools that you should be using.

#1 – Mondovo

Mondovo is a complete SEO solution. They provide on-site SEO analysis, with the help of 11 different SEO tools. Their Rank Tracker gives insights into your current search engine rankings for specific keywords. You can use the On-Demand Rank Checker to compare rankings with up to 10 of your competitors.

Along with these beneficial features, you can analyze SEO data for pages, links, and social media. Use the Link Research tool to analyze the performance of your links.

And when it comes to pricing, they have a Pay As You Go pricing which means you pay only for the features you want to use and not a penny more. The main advantage of using Mondovo is that you do not need to rely on multiple SEO tools from different companies. You get a complete suite of resources from a single source.

#2 – Moz SEO Tools

Moz is a leading website offering beneficial SEO tips and suggestions. You can find articles and tutorials covering everything related to SEO, online marketing, and web design. Though, they also provide a complete suite of SEO tools, including:

  • Open Site Explorer

  • Keyword Explorer

  • MozBar

The Open Site Explorer is used to analyze your backlinks. Discover the quality of your backlinks and determine exactly who is linking to your website.

The Keyword Explorer is a useful tool for helping you find the best keywords for your web pages. Determine search volume, competition, and other details.

The MozBar is a browser toolbar. It gives you quick access to many of the features provided by Moz. For example, when you open a new web page, you can instantly see the number of backlinks, backlink quality, and overall PageRank.

Those are just the free tools. If you are willing to pay the monthly fee, you can access the complete set of Moz SEO tools.

#3 – Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics

Almost everyone knows about Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics. They are essential tools for keeping track of the performance of your website.

So, if you do not already use these tools, you should include them in your SEO strategy. In fact, a couple of tools, such as QuickSprout, require access to Google Analytics.

Analytics lets you explore a variety of details related to your website. This includes visitor behavior. You can determine where your visitors are coming from. You can also check bounce rates and the average length of time that people spend on each web page.

Google Webmaster Tools is mostly used for ensuring that Google is crawling your website. It allows you to check if all your pages have been indexed by the search engine. You can also submit your sitemap updates directly to Google through their Webmaster Tools.

Both of these tools are completely free to use. With Webmaster Tools, you simply need to upload an HTML file to the root of your domain. For Google Analytics, a small snippet of code needs to be placed on each page that you want to track.

#4 – QuickSprout Website Analyzer

QuickSprout Website Analyzer is an SEO tool developed by Neil Patel. Neil is a leading SEO and online marketing expert that offers a wealth of knowledge through his blog articles. Along with these articles, he provides valuable SEO insight with his QuickSprout Website Analyzer.

This tool will check your page load speed, discover SEO errors, and determine the popularity of your content. Along with checking your own site, you can use this tool to research your competition. QuickSprout is available for free and has an easy to use interface.

#5 – SEO Hero Site 123 Website Builder

Another tool to consider using is available from SEO Hero. Their Site 123 Website Builder offers a streamlined option for building an SEO optimized website.

The SEO Hero Site 123 Website Builder is free to use. It is a great option for anyone that wants to quickly build a professional-looking website, without requiring any web design experience.

Using the SEO Hero Site 123 Website Builder also guarantees that your site will look great on mobile devices. This is important for SEO purposes. With more people using mobile devices, you need a website that loads quickly on any device.

These are just 5 of the top SEO tools that you should be using. They cover a range of features, from the SEO analysis provided by Webmaster Tools to the streamlined web design of SEO Hero.

SEO is an important part of running a successful website. Whether you operate a business or a personal blog, proper SEO helps you gain website traffic. If you do not already have a few of these tools in your arsenal, then start using them today.