Top SEO Trends That Will Matter in 2018


When we talk about SEO, the discussion automatically veers to Google; and why won’t the case be? With more than 74% of the search engine market share, Google rightfully dominates discourses related to SEO.

For its part, Google has constantly updated its algorithm and hence, the way it displays results to its users. After all, it’s a user-experience driven search engine giant that wants to give its users the best possible results.

Owing to Google’s continuous updates, digital marketing professionals remain on their toes. It’s like a cat and mouse game; the moment SEO and digital marketing professionals feel they have deciphered the Google code, Google drops an update bomb.

However, there are certain SEO facts that do not change, like Google’s insistence on making it simpler for its users to find quality results in the least possible time. So, based on our SEO expertise and experience, here are 4 top SEO trends that we think will matter in 2018.

Top 4 SEO Trends That You Should Look out for in 2018

1. Mobile-First Approach

Given the overwhelming growth and penetration of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, this should come as no surprise. Many of you might even feel that this is old news and it is. But that doesn’t diminish its significance in 2018 in the least. If there’s one definitive SEO trend that will continue to matter in 2018, be sure that it will be Google’s mobile-first approach.

2. Get over Local SEO, Go Hyperlocal

The key to success in any business is to understand your customers’ wants and needs, and Google understands this better than anyone else. This is the reason why Google is optimizing its results to make them more meaningful for its customers, who are increasingly conducting searches with hyperlocal intent. It would augment really well for your business if you incorporate hyperlocal targeting into your SEO strategy.

3. The Rise and Rise of the Digital Assistant

Voice-based digital assistants are opening up a new avenue for SEO professionals to target consumers with keywords that are both long-tail and align with their natural language. Already we have digital assistants like Amazon Echo that are changing the way searches are being performed. This voice-based search trend will only take root and strengthen in 2018. Digital assistants have the potential to disrupt SEO as we know it and take things beyond the ambit of Google and Bing.

4. Google’s Featured Snippets

In its bid to provide fast and convenient search results, Google SERPs now include “featured snippets”, which are basically quick answers to users’ search queries. The features snippets either feature in the form of a paragraph, a list or a table.This is one SEO trend that we believe will surely stick around and grow in 2018. The featured snippets let you beat your competition and appear on top of SERPs, making them extremely desirable and worth obtaining. To successfully target Google’s featured snippets, you must pay attention to the keywords you target and how you format your content.

Keeping pace with Google’s algorithm updates may not be easy, but nor are they impossible. You just need to be on your toes and keep your eyes peeled for the way search results are displayed. If you can do that and provide genuine user-oriented content, Google is sure to reward you with a higher ranking.


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